How It Works

The F.I.T.E Club Program is loosely based on using word-of-mouth marketing to share a useful product with friends and family.

In prison as everywhere else there are networks of people; in a sense friends and family.

You and your loved one by participating in a go F.I.T.E Club program simply sharing information can create incredibly large amounts of income together.

To top it off it won’t take up ANY of YOUR time BUT it will totally occupy his time MEANING-FULLY.

The F.I.T.E.CLUB currently offers the Pop-UP Cash Club as the income producer of choice.

After many tests and study we know that the Pop-UP Cash Club is the LEAST time-consuming  SIMPLEST  most PROFITABLE service being offered.

The Pop-Up Cash Club is a community-based profit sharing club. You can learn more about them at this link  Pop-Up Cash Club

You have plenty of TIME to work with your loved one, friends, and family to create a serious income for your loved one to return home to and support you through the years and months of visits and packages.

But not just that! What we at F.I.T.E have found to be true is that partners who go F.I.T.E together share a deeper, stronger emotional bond.

You and Your partner working towards a common goal that includes income producing activity is a powerful motivator both on the inside and out.

The enormous amount of F.I.T.E success stories proves over and over again that rehabilitation, respect, and restoration can all be had by working a F.I.T.E program together.



From Inmate To Entrepreneur