What is F.I.T.E

F.I.T.E stands for “From Inmate To Entrepreneur” Anyone who has been incarcerated and now has beat the tremendous odds against him/her by becoming a respected business owner represents F.I.T.E

We believe the BEST way to ease the burden of a loved one in prison is to occupy the time with “MEANING-FUL” activitiy.

What  could be more important – meaningful  than MONEY ? Many of our partners are incarcerated just because of money.

Momma always said a pound of prevention was worth ALOT.  So F.I.T.E created a program named the F.I.T.E Club

The F.I.T.E club allows the spirit of  entrepreneurship to freely flow from inside the prison and be the catalyst/jump-start  for sales that take place outside their walls of confinement.

Here you will find success stories that represent the spirit of F.I.T.E in action. Men and Women,  who have made a mistake coming home to a positive economic environment.

You and Your loved one can  go F.I.T.E also.  The F.I.T.E Club is a simple program that you and your partner can start today. Now  while he is still incarcerated.

From Inmate To Entrepreneur